To empower staff. To equip employees with the ability to solve problems with one methodology, one common language, one tool. To create a problem solving culture. To change the way problems are approached. To engage employees. To work proactively. To change the way of thinking. To enable continuous improvement. To create champions, advocates. To solve everyday problems. To be a catalyst for solving wider problems. To solve as individuals. To solve as a team. To solve across boundaries. To be professional. To be proactive. To be productive.

This is ProSolver.
Let’s solve problems.

Let’s change behaviour

ProSolver is an activity aimed at improving both the quality and speed of daily problem solving and is intended for use by all employees throughout an organisation. Based upon simple Lean Six Sigma methods it empowers all employees to be able to solve problems ‘at their desk’ and within local teams. The rapid Train the Trainer deployment, coupled with use of the behaviour change model recommended in Influencer™ from VitalSmarts, means that ProSolver truly does become part of an organisation’s culture.

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A brief introduction to the ProSolver way of thinking (PDF)

ProSolver – an alternative or complimentary approach to Lean Six Sigma deployment (PDF)

ProSolver – Culture Model (PNG)

Key features


Easy to understand and use


Provides a 5-step discipline, with associated thinking for each step


Based upon Lean Six Sigma and, as you learn, skills can be added to


The standard choice for lower risk problem resolution


Flexible and can meet the variety of problems across the organisation

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